PM says he will lead the UDP to victory at next General Election

At Sunday’s UDP convention, the party spent the morning showing off its relative youth and diversity with four young speakers, Juan de Dios Moguel Jr. of Orange Walk; Mayor Darrell Bradley of Belize City; Councilor Shary Medina of San Ignacio/Santa Elena; and former Councillor Earth Lopez of Dangriga. In vlcsnap-2013-02-18-19h33m44s221his keynote address, UDP leader Dean Barrow pointed to the party’s successes, such as the revived sugar industry, social protection programs and pro-poor policies. He also spoke about the party’s  commitment to infrastructure development and nationalism and sovereignty demonstrated by the takeovers of public utility companies BTL, BEL and BWS and the fending off of the international financial wolves during the Super bond renegotiation. All these achievements he says prove why the UDP can go for a ‘three-peat’ at the next general election.

It is a matter of a practical reality when I say to you that we are going to win a third term, because we deserve to win a third term. This is no emotionalism.  This is a position that we stake out this afternoon, because it is a position eminently and completely supported by the great record of the United Democratic Party.

Despite reports of his ill-health and that of his wife, the Prime Minister says he is determined to lead the party to that victory.

No study the rumor mill.  Pay no regard to the gossip mongers. No listen to the false stuff. Every so often I hear something wrong with me.  I’m ill with this or with that.  But I want to tell you this afternoon, apart from a lee bad back, I know I could deal with that, as far as I know there’s not a damn thing wrong with me. And as long as the good Lord continues to health and strength, and as long as it is your wish, I fully intend to lead the United Democratic Party.

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