PM Updates on Problems at the University of Belize

The PM was also asked for an update on the Problems at the University of Belize as it relates to the standing of President, Dr Carey Frazer, here is what he had to say about that.

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-17h29m59s99UB pictureHon. Dean Barrow- Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development

“Dr. Frazer and I have met.  We are trying to finalize a draft agreement that would see Dr. Frazer leaving not later than the end of March.  This is the departure date is his own proposal.  So, there will be an amicable parting of our ways”.

In the post conference interview PM Barrow also denied the rumors about a cabinet reshuffle and stated that when he returns to Belize he will be concentrating on the budget.

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