PM’s retirement may be soon

After today’s House Meeting, the Prime Minister was asked by the media when he will be retiring as rumors have it that the time may be sooner rather than later. The Prime Minister told the media that, originally, he had an agreed with his party not to go before 2020; however, that might change due to his back ailment.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow: I am hoping for some kind of a breakthrough. But if that doesn’t come, I quite honestly have to, in order to be fair to people, to my own party and to the Belizean electorate, contemplate the possibility of going earlier if it is that I begin to sense that I am not in my position to give it my all; that’s all it is. And I don’t want for anybody to be taken by surprise, and that’s why I have been dropping these rather broad hints that there is a chance that I will go, certainly before the end of 2019.

The media attempted to narrow his retirement down to a date to which the Prime Minister replied that with the Superbond situation sorted out, his retirement may very well be near.vlcsnap-2017-05-15-23h55m43s206

Prime Minister Dean Barrow: I had said remember that I didn’t want to go until we had sorted the superbond situation and I think that’s been sorted out so, there is nothing else that I had set myself. I don’t want you to, well not you – I know Jules, he will say start to behave like Alexander the Great who cried when he had no more worlds to conquer. Not that at all sir. It’s just that my limited objectives and the last one that I set has now been handled, so I do feel that I am at greater liberty to make that decision. But I insist, it’s not that I want to go. It’s not that I have had it. It’s not that I am fed up to here with politics. It really is that I have to be fair to all concern and this thing which is not getting any better, if in fact it continues to get worse and it begins to affect me mentally attitudinally as well as physically, I will have to look at the option of an earlier departure



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