Police Addresses case of Police Brutality

The suspects in the shooting incident that occurred on Sunday March 8th in the Hattieville area, Roaring Creek village have not been apprehended. However Belmopan police had taken a couple of individuals from Roaring Creek Village to the Police station for questioning on that same day. Reports coming in to Plus News are that police used excessive force when taking the individuals into custody for questioning. Sources allege that the individuals were complying with the officers instructions at all times, however one of them was hit by police while on the ground and is complaining of pain. According to Officer Commanding Belmopan Police, he is aware of the reports and says the matter is being looked into.vlcsnap-2015-03-13-09h58m38s110
Supt. HOWELL GILLETT – Officer in Command of the Belmopan Police Station
”Yes there’s a report that somebody was injured but it is being investigated at this time. You know we have to await the outcome of that investigation before I can clearly tell you how that went.”

“What was the report for?”
“One of the persons how was detained was injured during the detention process. “

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