Police and Minister meet with Ahmad family and Muslim Community

vlcsnap-2018-01-12-15h43m18s531 vlcsnap-2018-01-12-15h43m12s676Today, the Ahmad family called another press briefing following the murder of 38 year old Fareed Ahmad, allegedly at the hands of Woman Police Constable 24-year-old Michelle Brown. This is the third press briefing the family has called as they have been complaining of harassment by police officers of the Special assignment Team, of which the accused shooter of Fahreed is a member. Today’s press briefing followed a meeting between the Ahmad Family members and leaders in the Muslim Community with top brass members of the Police Department and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Present at today’s meeting were Minister of Home Affairs, Honorable Wilfred Elrington; the Minister of Police, Honorable Elodio Aragon, the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie; CEO, George Lovell; ACP Chester Williams and Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvette. The Ahmad family was joined by Imam Kaleem El Amin; former Imam Nuri Muhammad and Muhammad Raees. After the meeting, Minister Elrington and Nuri Muhammad addressed the media.vlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h38m56s783vlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h39m05s598

Nuri Muhammad:

And by extension the Muslim community your absolutely correct there is a high level of anxiety in fact we’re still not over the death. The tragic murder of Fareed. So that was really the background that drove the community to say, let us sit down and find out really what the facts are because they were really many rumors out there and things that caused alarms to go off and many of them you already know in the media there was some of it very hard to explain, in fact even today some of the matters are still not clearly explained. So the impetus for inviting Minister Elrington and Minister Aragon, the commissioner of police and the other high command is because we felt it was necessary as the largest and the indigenous Muslim community here it is our responsibility to sit-down as civil individuals with the government of the day and find out from them what is going on as oppose of depending on rumors and gossips.

Minister of Home Affairs, Honorable Wilfred Elrington

What was very fortunate is that we had present among us Assistant Commissioner of police, Chester Williams who is an attorney at law as well as a really seasoned police officer, whose really responsibility is his to make sure that the police behave properly. That is his real remit but for some reason or the other he really went heads and shoulders into the investigating of this incident and he was able to relate to the members of the family what his discoveries were. He essentially said he is very satisfied that there is no evidence of state involvement in the death. He went on to say. I did not know that, that it was in fact the deceased who picked up the police corporal or the police woman and that there is in fact a video of them being together for some time. He suggested to me that a number of hours and that there was no indication during that course of time that any other person from any branch of the police force was anywhere near-by.

Minister Elrington says he would invite Muslim Minister Farrakhan to suggest an expert to come to Belize and investigate the case.

Minister of Home Affairs, Honorable Wilfred Elrington

I have offered to Brother Nuri, who have known for so many years, I told him that I would be prepared, if he can, through the assistance of  Brother Farrakhan, who may both know and who has fairly extensive operation in the United Sates. If he can get through the assistance of Brother Farrakhan for an expert to come to Belize to look at what we have  investigated. We’d have no difficulty, so that the family can be satisfied that no stone is being left unturned to deal with this matter.

We will have more on this story in tomorrow’s newscast.

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