Police are commended in reducing crime

vlcsnap-6601-01-15-21h26m05s636Yesterday ranking police officers from across the country of Belize met in Belmopan at the Police training Academy to attend the Regional Commanders Conference. The event was hosted by Minister of National Security – Hon John Saldivar with an aim to go over the successes of the vlcsnap-8396-05-22-14h40m24s320past year and to strategize for this new year. Minister Saldivar commended the Police for their work in reducing crime in 2015. Apart from the increased focus on community policing, Minister Saldivar highlighted the decentralization efforts made several years ago which saw Senior Police officers taking up posts in the districts, as opposed to working out of Belmopan. Minister Saldivar along with the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie also awarded several senior officers whose performance assisted in lowering crime in their respective areas.  The northern zone had the vlcsnap-3560-11-04-21h22m13s931 - Copyhighest reduction in crime for the year 2015.

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