Police await DPP’s directive on shooting of 18 year old









Earlier this month we told you that Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Cheryl-Lynn Vidal contacted Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie concerning three cases in which she alleged there was improper conduct of police officers to the detriment of the investigations or prosecution. Kevin “Boco T” Kelly was killed in Police custody in May of 2012 in San Pedro and  Ryan Lozano was killed by Ladyville police during a foiled robbery in Los Lagos in April 2013. Meanwhile, on May 10, 2013, police in Punta Gorda were alleged to have shot and killed  18-year-old Rasheed Elijio, who had escaped while on transfer to the Hattieville prison where he was to be remanded on a carnal knowledge charge. Senior Superintendent of Police and Officer in Command in the Southern Police Division, Robert Mariano, said that following the shooting, none of the officers that formed part of the police search team that day admitted to having fired the fatal shot and so, ballistic tests on their weapons were ordered. The news today is that according to Senior Superintendent Mariano, those tests have been concluded and the results have indicated who fired the shot. He said the file was forwarded to the DPP about a month ago and he is currently awaiting vlcsnap-2013-07-15-18h57m56s150her directive. DPP Vidal had made a public statement on June 27 following the news of charges dropped against Minister of State Mark King when the key witness, a police officer withdrew his complaint. At that time the DPP said she was requesting that the Commissioner intervene with regard to the cases of  Rasheed Elijio, Kevin Kelly and Ryan Lozano and that similar indignation as that expressed with regard to the end of the case against King be expressed with regard to a situation that her office faces on a daily basis.

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