Police Begin Hunt for Killers of Ernest Thurton

police badge 3This afternoon, Superintendent Alford Grinage, officer in charge of the Department’s Precinct 2 in Belize City, updated the press on the still-young investigation into Tuesday afternoon’s brutal murder of Ernest “Dangalang” Thurton.

The 41 year old cyclist and messenger for Santiago Castillo Limited, who resided at Queen Charlotte Street, was left to die after being shot in the left side of the abdomen by his two attackers.

He had been visiting the Cumberbatch Street home which he was taking care of for a relative living in the United States.

As to the all-important questions of who did it and why, Superintendent Grinage said their focus is on two persons already in custody.

vlcsnap-2014-04-16-17h53m59s193Superintendent Alford Grinage- Officer in Charge of the Police Precinct 2 Belize City

“The investigation is still going on, we have several leads that we are working on, we have two persons of interest in our custody and we are doing all we can to ensure that we deal with this matter at this time”.

Reporter:  “Sir, can you confirm if robbery was committed?”

Superintendent Alford Grinage:  “That’s what we believe at this time”.

Reporter:  “To what extent are the two persons in custody cooperating with the police?”

Superintendent Alford Grinage:  “They are not cooperating at this time, but we are trying to get some witnesses.  We have some witnesses that have given us some lead already and we are trying to identify additional witnesses at this time”.

Police are yet to recover such weapon used in the incident, and have confirmed that a knapsack on Thurton’s back and certain items for his employer are missing from the scene.

Since robbery was the apparent motive, we wanted to know whether there were indications that Thurton was possibly stalked and monitored. Supt. Grinage gives the Police’s view.

Superintendent Alford Grinage: 

Notably, Superintendent Grinage would not say how the killers got to the scene, nor whether the persons in custody are from the immediate area, as the answers are part of the ongoing investigation.

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