Police capture suspects in Ruben Perez murder

Businessman Ruben Perez was murdered on Thursday afternoon in Belize City, the victim of a robbery which escalated when he refused to cooperate with his two assailants. This evening police announced that those suspects had been captured. Here is Superintendent of Police Hilberto Romero, officer commanding Criminal Investigation Branch.


Hilberto Romero, Supt. Officer Cmdr Criminal Investigation.Br: In regards to the murder of Rueben Perez that occurred vlcsnap-2936-12-18-15h28m11s809yesterday on Vernon St, we have arrested 2 persons, Kayon Dennison and Tyron Wreath. They will be charged for this murder. We would like to thank the public for their assistance. We had several tips that we followed up and this led to the arrest of these two persons.

Reporter: Are these known individuals to you all?

Hilberto Romero, Supt. Officer Cmdr Criminal Investigation.Br: No they are not known to us. Based on investigation and cooperation of several elements of the police department we were able to apprehend them and conducted some searches and the stolen phone that belonged to the deceased was also recovered.

Reporter: Okay now are you able to say what, do you know if these gentlemen had any prior history with the deceased?

Hilberto Romero, Supt. Officer Cmdr Criminal Investigation.Br: No. We know that they did not have any prior history. The investigations revealed that they randomly targeted that business place. We have established that the motive was robbery.

Dennison and Reid were picked up earlier today, as explained by the CIB officer in charge of Southside Belize City, Inspector Alejandro Cowo.vlcsnap-0891-05-20-13h10m15s121


Alejandro Cowo, Insp. CIB O.C. Southside Bze: Well the 2 suspects that we have at this time, they were detained at different times in different places. One was detained in a pre-done operation this morning, and the other one was just detained about 2 hours ago. As we mentioned, the phone belonging to the decreased was found with the second person. Presently we are tracing back to all persons that he dealt with so that we can link up to gather more evidence dealing with the phone. As we mentioned, one is from Dangriga, very very seldom he comes to Belize City and the other one is from Mascal.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams, the surveillance video from the establishment was essential in locating and capturing the suspects.


Chester Williams, Senior Superintendent of Police: Lemme say thanks to Channel 7, Mr. Vasquez and his crew who assisted us in editing the video and making it available to be broadcast on Channel 7 last night and that assistance that they gave us was significant in vlcsnap-6200-06-12-22h07m50s073the break through that we got in the investigation so it just shows the cooperation between the police, the public, and the media, very good and healthy relationship that we intend to maintain, so thanks to Channel7. I’m not saying that the other media houses are not doing their part, but I must say that at first call yesterday when I called Mr. Vasquez, he was willing to assist us in that regard, and we are grateful for that assistance that we got from them yesterday.

Williams said that a reward would be sourced from various funds for those persons who assisted in the investigation; however, the main
reward offered by Crimestoppers goes unclaimed.

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