Police caught on tape allegedly fueling up on contraband gas

vlcsnap-2013-05-07-19h47m26s10Police were caught on tape in Corozal, allegedly purchasing contraband gas. The video you are looking at was taken on a cell phone camera and the original file is a little over two minutes long. It captures the dealers filling up a can measuring almost a gallon in size. We can’t tell you for sure just how much gas the cops received, but from the time stamp, we gathered that they took 30 seconds to fuel up the vehicle, before they got on their way. The images were spread over the internet and police have responded saying that it was simply a matter of cops running out of gas and being assisted. An official press release was issued which says that yesterday afternoon, Corozal police mobile unit while in the execution of a Supreme Court Order in the village of Santa Clara, Corozal in the recovery of a tractor that was in dispute between members of the Correa family, ran out of fuel. The police were offered assistance and were refueled by a member of the family with just enough to make it to an official Service Station. The police reports says that the person responsible for the video on the internet is an aggrieved family member from whom the tractor was recovered. The release ends by saying that police are investigating the legitimacy of the origin of the fuel used to assist the police.

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