Police Commissioner and FIU director comment on Penner investigation

vlcsnap-2013-10-08-07h16m47s110Many have called for a criminal investigation into the deal created by Elvin Penner to benefit a business friend, South Korean Kim Won-Hong, by granting him a Belizean passport. Talk show host Evan “Mose” Hyde and at least one other person have made formal complaints with local police. But the Police Department appears to be dragging its feet on the issue. On Monday morning news media cornered Police Commissioner Allen Whylie who said he needs more time.

Reporter:  “Is it true about the Police Department that you have said that there is a mission out there to launch an investigation”.   Is there such a mission out there?”

vlcsnap-2013-10-08-07h18m22s8Commissioner of Police- Mr. Allen Wylie:  “No. I don’t know what has been taking place.    “As I said have been out of Office.   So, I can’t comment.   I have to get eenah office for what has been said; what has been submitted to me before I could say something”.



Reporter:   “Have you heard anything on the news?”

Commissioner of Police- Mr. Allen Wylie:  “No”.

Meanwhile, director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Marilyn Williams, says an investigation is ongoing on another front, but did not give much details.

vlcsnap-2013-10-08-07h18m50s61Mrs.  Marylinn Williams- Director of Financial Intelligence Unit

“Yes, the FIU, based on the laws under which they are mandated, will in fact …actually has already started the process of an investigation.   Unfortunately, I am not in a position to give any details whatsoever.   The type of investigation that we do, must be done, I wouldn’t say in private but not open for public discussion.  

Reporter:   “You can say what day exactly the investigation was launched?”

Mrs. Williams:  “It was launched a week ago”.

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