Police Commissioner reports reduction in crime

While they mourn a fallen brother, the Police Department took the opportunity to do a little “bigging-up” of itself for reducing the crime rate across the country and particularly in the old Capital. There have been no murders reported in the City in exactly two months and last month’s estimated count of murders was three – the lowest to date since two murders were recorded in November of 2009. For Police Commissioner Allen Whylie, that was cause for guarded optimism.

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-11h02m07s209Police Commissioner Allen Whylie:

For last month we had three murders, but none was within Belize City proper.  I think one was in  Hattyville, one was in Crooked Tree, and one was in Benque.   I think the last time we had two murders [for the entire month] was November, 2009. 

The Commissioner also spoke of the importance of precinct policing, which Minister of National Security John Saldivar said a few weeks ago would be rolled out countrywide.

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-09h09m48s157Police Commissioner Allen Whylie:

We’re also seeing quick Police response and [arresting] of persons when certain crimes occur.  I don’t have to highlight it, but it was in the media sometime last week and the previous week, in terms of people being caught shortly after committing individual crimes, be it robberies and that sort of thing.  The precincts are working.  The investigators are working.  The intelligence side are working.

It’s a pleasing feeling to know that we continue to have success.  I am certain as we continue to meet, and continue to discuss, and continue to strategize, and continue to partner with the community, we will continue to have successes.

Belize has recorded over 100 murders annually for the past three three consecutive years. At this time last year Belize was already near to that mark, with the final count being 145.

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