Police Commissioner speaks on three cases of inappropriate force leading to death






We have been following the attempts of the Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal to force action from the Police Department with regard to three open cases in which Police are accused of inappropriate force leading to death. These are the cases of Kevin Kelly, alias “Boco T,” who died in police custody in April of 2012 after being accused of robbery; Ryan Lozano, 21, shot and killed by an officer in the Los Lagos community of Ladyville while being apprehended allegedly committing a robbery, and a few weeks later, Rasheed Elijio, 18, who was shot by officers in Punta Gorda who were re-apprehending him on carnal knowledge charges after he eluded them earlier in the day. Onj Monday, Police Commissioner Allen Whylie broke his silence on the matter for a brief update. That update is this: the police are, as the DPP requested, addressing the issue.

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-11h02m07s209Police Commissioner Allen Whylie:
I received those files.  I have read those files, and I have discussed it with the Head of National Crimes in terms of approaching each investigation.  We have taken individual files. He has also gone through it.  He has come up with a number of questions to ask of Police Officers as well as civilian witnesses.  That has been put together, and when that is completed, those files will be returned to the DPP’s [Office], and the DPP will then review and decide where we go from there.  I do not have a time frame. These are challenging investigations as the DPP has indicated.  It’s not an overnight process, but we continue at it, and we are dealing with it.

As the Commissioner said there is no timeline for when the case files will be sent back to the DPP’s office.

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