Police Community Program Honours Winner

Soon-to-be graduate of Edward P. Yorke High School in Belize City, Zipporah Taylor, will represent Police Precinct 4 at the National Ceremony for the Community Policing Department’s ‘Do Di Rait Ting’ award program. Started eight years ago, the programs honors outstanding youths who have either turned their lives around or are living lives of honesty and trustworthiness. Taylor was honored at her high school before classes this morning and the business and accounting major says her nomination was the result of a new attitude.

vlcsnap-2014-03-19-19h36m23s125Ms. Zippora Taylor- Police Community Program Honour Winner

“The reason why she nominated me was because First and Second Form was a struggle for me, and second, I almost got a suspension, but in 3rd and 4th, I realized that, you know what? I need to pick up, I need to be a successful person, I need to have bright future”.

Reporter:  “Tell us how you made that change from struggling in school to becoming an exemplary member of the student body”.

Ms. Zippora Taylor:  “Well, despite obstacles and struggles that have come my way, there are also positive things to go through and I decided that don’t let the negative impact you; you have to look at the brighter side of things and that’s how I changed.  Most of my classmates are on Honor Roll and I felt left out because I was not on an Honor Roll, and when my principal called my name on my Honor Roll, I was…I felt so proud of myself”.

The officer in charge of the program, Police Sergeant Elroy Carcamo, says that for the first time the four precincts of Belize City will nominate separate awardees.

vlcsnap-2014-03-19-19h26m48s159Mr. Elroy Carcamo- Police Sergeant, Officer in Charge

“Ms. Clela was chosen by Precinct 4.  Usually in Belize District, we only hasd two persons representing for “Do the Right Thing”, one from Belize City itself and one from the Coastal area, but when we went to Precinct Policing, we decided to have the precincts nominate their personnel.  Since we have five high schools within this area, the commander of Precinct 4 along with the community policing officer and their committee sat down with the nominees that they received and out of those nominees Zippora Taylor was the one that was selected as their best person to represent their formation, because of the qualities that they saw that was produced and sent out on the nominee form”.

Taylor received a gift package including a tablet computer. She will join other nominees from around the country for the national award which takes place in July when school lets out.

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