Police continue investigation into death of 7 year old

Police are still investigating the surprising and tragic death of a 7 year old child. Police are investigating Antwone Marin’s death as a “Death Investigation”  though preliminary indications are that the child took his own life. He was found hanging  from a wire in a bedroom and the  post mortem shows the cause of death was “Asphyxia due to bronchopulmonary aspiration of stomach contents….”The little boy was at his Seine Bight home with his sisters and their babysitter when he told his babysitter that he was tired of living. About ten minutes later, the child was found hanging in his bedroom. Antwone was a Standard 1 student at the St. Alphonsus Primary School. The National Committee for Families and Children issued a Press release today on the incident entitled ‘Hurt- not only Physical. NCFC says, quote, , “Whilst it is unthinkable for many that a child could take his own life, statistics from the Epidemiology Unit within the Ministry of Health reveal that between 2012-2016, fifteen children aged ten to fourteen years old committed suicide. It is therefore important to remember that Article 19 of the CRC underscores that children are to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, which extends to both body and mind.” NCFC added, quote  “Hurt is not only physical, it can be psychological as our children are exposed to trauma-inducing abuses and experiences and can also suffer from mental illness and depression. The NCFC urges parents to listen to their children and take seriously any demonstration of self-hurt or depression and seek assistance from a counselor. Parents are also reminded to monitor their children and to flag any signs that could lead to self-harm.” The NCFC ended its release by calling for a thorough investigation of this incident by both the Police Department and the Department of Human Services. The Committee also commended the Ministry of Human Development for its sponsorship of training on “suicide prevention in youth” for social workers, youths and community workers across Belize.

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