Police continue to remove illicit drugs from off the streets of Belize City

According to authorities, sometime between 4 pm on Tuesday and 2 am on Wednesday,  QRT personnel from precinct three conducted an operation within precinct 3 zone targeting known criminals and hot spots. During the entire operation several areas were searched: Pinks Alley Hutment, Pickstock Hutment, Victoria Street, Kelly Street, and Castle Street.

As a result of the operation, police arrested and charged two persons for drug related offences.

The first is 33 year old Henry Gillett, Belizean Tour Guide Operator of Prides Alley who, police say, had in his possession 325 grams of Cannabis. Henry Gillett was charged for Drug Trafficking.

The second person is 31 year old Demion Cattouse, Belizean Unemployed of King’s Park Belize City. During the operation police found on his person 1.2 grams of suspected cocaine.  Demion Cattouse was charged for the offence of Possession of Controlled Drugs.

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