Police continue to search for Paraquat’s killers

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Sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning last week, a well-known street personality in Orange Walk Town was beaten to a pulp by unknown individuals and left to die. On Monday September 28th ,  authorities in the north responded to a scene on the Belize Corozal Road, where they found Carlos Paraquat Grifiths suffering from a fractured skull and parts of his face broken. He was transported to thevlcsnap-2015-10-07-19h06m50s809 Northern Regional Hospital and later transported to the Karl Huesnor Memorial Hospital in Belize City. Late Friday evening, his case was upgraded to murder when he succumbed to his injuries at around 8:15 pm on October 2nd. Yesterday, our colleagues at CTV3 spoke with the Deputy commanding officer, Inspector Nicholas Palomo, who explained how they are proceeding with the investigation.

vlcsnap-2015-10-06-22h21m13s72 Insp. Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Commanding Officer: The 2nd of Oct. 2015 at 8:15pm, Carlos Griffth was pronounced dead, he succomed to his injuries. As we speak right now, a post mortem is being conducted on him. Since then police investigation commenced and we have 1 person detained where we are awaiting the conclusion of an indentification parade we will know if we will either arrest and charge that person or release the person we have detained.

Police have one person detained pending investigations. Authorities say the persons responsible for Paraquat’s death are Belize City people.  An identification parade was to be conducted this evening the results of which authorities have not revealed. Police investigations continue.


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