Police Corporal acquitted of causing harm to a female teacher

vlcsnap-2013-09-06-07h20m52s107Police Corporal, Darrell “Tutsi” Usher, who has had quite a few run ins with the law, was acquitted this morning of causing harm to a woman. The 27 year old walked out of court a free man after the victim requested that the charge be dropped. According to police records, the woman, who is also a teacher, initially reported that she was attending a gathering for another officer who had passed away, when she met up with Usher. She claimed that Usher punched her in the face and kicked her on the stomach and for her injuries sustained, she had to seek medical attention. The woman at the time, said she believed that Usher got upset with her because he thought she had bad-mouthed him earlier that day. Following his arrest, Usher received bail and was served with a restraining order, which forbidden him from having contact with the woman. Usher is the son of Gilroy Usher Sr., who ran for Area Representative of the Port Loyola Division under the PUP banner, last year.

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