Police Corporal Facing 5 Years Sentence for Ammunition Convictions

vlcsnap-2014-01-29-00h02m19s81A Police Corporal is facing a possible 5 year sentence, after he was convicted of possession of unlicensed ammunition and prohibited ammunition.

The Gang Suppression Unit, in January of 2012, conducted a search of the residence of 40 year old Gino Peck, where they uncovered a 9 mm. pistol, .45 live rounds of ammunition, twenty-two cartridges and five live rounds of .38 ammunition.  Cpl. Peck was consequently charged with keeping unlicensed firearm, unlicensed ammunition and prohibited ammunition.

The charge for the pistol was later withdrawn.  In his defense to the remaining charges, Peck claimed that he found the vlcsnap-2014-01-29-00h01m58s125 .45 round during a raid in a known gang area and he intended to hand it in as found property.

In relation to the 12-gauge cartridges, and the .38 ammunition, he stated that it was what was left of his inventory, after he was issued a service shotgun rifle to conduct an operation in the past.  His statements did not hold up in court though and he was found guilty.

Sentencing has been deferred until Friday, January 31 at which time character witnesses will be called in to testify on Peck’s behalf.  He is being represented by attorney, Simeon Sampson.  Prior to his arrest, Peck, who was assigned to the Special Branch and has served as in the Police Department for 22 years.

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