Police crime statistics for the start of 2013

Tonight we revisit the Police crime statistics for the start of 2013. According to the stats, for the months of January and February – when compared to January and February of last year, four of the six districts saw a decrease in murders. The districts of Corozal, Orange Walk and Stann Creek had no recorded murders, while the Belize District recorded 19 murders – that’s three more than last year’s total for both January and February countrywide. Of that 19, 13 murders occurred in Belize City. In total, this year’s stats for January and February show 21 murders, compared to last year’s 16. Meanwhile, robbery saw a decrease of 14 recorded incidences countrywide, with Belize District having the biggest steep of 17 incidences, compared to last year’s 44, followed by Orange Walk District with 16 cases. That’s 5 more than last year. Reported rape incidences stand at 3 for this year, while last year had 5. Turning to burglary – the total recorded cases for the first two months of this year is 174, with the Belize and Cayo districts seeing the only decrease. This leads to an overall countrywide decrease when compared to last year’s 188 cases. You can view the Police Crime Stats in full at PlusTV Belize.com.

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