Police Department has launched independent investigation into immigration scandal

Minister of Immigration the Honourable Godwin Hulse noted to PlusTV that, contrary to public belief, a thorough investigation was conducted at the department, following the passport scandal involving Elvin Penner,  However, all indications were that that investigation turned up nothing to cause alarm. Well on Wednesday night the Minister was singing another tune. The Department of Nationality is under heavy activity and has been closed down indefinitely. The Minister explains why.

Hon. Godwin Hulse- Minister of Immigration

vlcsnap-2013-10-10-08h05m35s134“Simple and straightforward:  you need to take an inventory of our files.   Here is a man who comes on public radio and seh, weh files missing!  We need to know how he has files that we should have in our custody.   We need to know if it was so these were duplicates or what they were, and so, an inventory is being undertaken.



Reporter: “Sir, do you believe that, as he has asserted that these files were set aside to be destroyed.  

Hon. Godwin Hulse:  Not buy the Department for sure!   There is no directive from the Department, no directive officially to destroy files.   The Immigration Department doesn’t destroy files.   They archive them; they don’t destroy them.  But it would be who’ve Mr. Saldivar to do the right thing and turn them over to the police.   Obviously, he can’t be holding them as trump cards, I mean, it is all sensational and nice, but people in the Department who have released them to him or purportedly taken them for destruction, are committing an offence, and they need to know that.   And he also needs to know that he can’t aid and abet that.   It is his responsibility to hand them over to the police.   How on earth can we fix the problem if these things are being held in some private hands as trump cards?   Please, man!”

Trump cards or not, Arthur Saldivar did what he did and in so far it appears it has landed him in quite a bit of mess. On Wednesday morning, we got word that the Police Department has launched an investigation at the Ministry of Immigration in relation to the passport scandal. They are also inquiring on just how Mr Saldivar might have gotten his hands on the nationality files. This we were later able to confirm with Sinquest Martinez, the Commanding Officer for the Belmopan Branch. This set the media on Arthur Saldivar’s trails, as rumors had that he was on the run. However, while police authorities and the media were fruitlessly trying to find Mr Saldivar, he appeared on Facebook, on an interview made through video chat. Arthur Saldivar seemed oddly relaxed for someone wanted by authorities

Reporter:  “Are you concerned for your safety, though?”

Mr. Arthur Saldivar- Attorney at Law:  

vlcsnap-2013-10-10-08h06m12s242“No, I should not be concerned of my safety”.  





Reporter:  “I mean, it’s confirmed now that there is a search warrant…there is a warrant to search your premises for documents that were considered to be garbage, documents that were going to be burnt and all of sudden, these documents are important.   What’s your take on that?    Is it the documents or is it the messenger?”

Mr. Arthur Saldivar:   “It cannot be the documents as you rightly stated, these things were up for destruction and certainly, they would know by now that as the documents are being released, they are getting their copies as that process unfolds.   So, all they need to do is sit back, relax, and then wait and they will have all of them in their possession in due course.   So, it cannot be the documents, but if it’s me they want, as I said, my routine is very simple.   I go to court when I have my cases, I go to prison to visit my clients, and if it’s that the way they want me, then I will be very easy for them to…I’ll accommodate them.   I am going to the place they want me to be”.

Saldivar says he will be holding a press conference in the near future, where will disclose more of what he says are suspect documents from the Nationality Department. The Ministry of Immigration will hold a press conference tomorrow to disclose the details of their investigation.

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