Police detain 2 youth in Matthiew Klinck murder

vlcsnap-1961-03-19-15h18m59s987Police say they are making progress in the Matthiew Klinck murder case. 36 year old Klinck was an experienced Movie maker and had taken up residence here in Belize, producing a movie in 2012 and a Novela called “La Isla Bonita” . Late last year Klinck had even closed a deal with Amazon, having completed the filming in November of the first season of a series titled Mad Dogs. Is it possible, that Matthiew Klink received a payment over the weekend, a payment that his Belizean friends knew about, that led to his eventual demise? Police are not telling us quite yet, but PlusNews understands that Klinck may have received over 10 Thousand Belize Dollars on Saturday. Cayo Police Investigator, Reymundo Reyes, told PlusNews today that thvlcsnap-7400-09-20-19h56m43s008ey have 2 youths in custody; and that several thousand dollars were found on them. A memorial service will be held this coming Saturday at 2pm At Fountain Of Life Church in Spanish Lookout. Klincks family and friends are expected to be there.

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