Police detain one in 3 year old’s shooting

Over the past week, two shooting incidents occurred on Gill Street in the Fabers Road area. One of those shootings resulted in the death of 3 year old baby Ettana Bennet. Over the past several days, police have increased their presence in the area, with at least one additional check point being erected on Gill Street. Deputy Commander Chester Williams told the media today, those police officers are working in the area to address the ongoing gang feuds. 

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: Over the past week we have seen a slight increase in shooting incidents and there have been two murders. We had the murder that took place on the boulevard, Mr. Raymond Arnold and we had the murder of the 3 year old child. Based on those activities, we have stepped up our police operations in the Port Loyola area with a view to be able to contain the ongoing feud between the rivaling groups in that area. I will tell you that it is not an easy task because when you have people who feuding are at each other and then in close proximity with each other. It is not something that can be easily dealt with, but as a department we will continue to do our best operationally to see how we can bring an end to the ongoing feud. With that you’ll see that we currently have a checkpoint on King Street and we also have one on the boulevard, and there are other operational things that we have put in place that I will not say to be able to curd the situation. And I must say that as a father I am very much disturbed with the death of the three year old. I don’t believe that no child should be subject to that type of injury and eventually death.

Despite the fact that a new check point was erected in Gill Street, on Tuesday night, a lone gun man was able to get pass police officers and successfully carry out an attempt on the life of Eric Tillet in the area. Williams was asked to explain how that gun man went unnoticed by officers. Here is how he responded

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: The checkpoint is manned on a 24 hour basis and the shooting, if you notice how Gill Street is situated, the checkpoint was closer to Faber’s Road when the shooting occurred. There is a curve going south and the shooting occurred after the curve. And so from where the checkpoint was, the police could not have been able to see the area where the shooting had taken place.  And so what we have done is that we have now put the checkpoint at the center portion between Ceaserage and Faber’s Road on Gill Street, so the distance to both end of the street is now equal. With that particular incident, the suspect was waiting in the bushes and when the victim and his girlfriend came home on a motor cycle, he came out of the bushes and fired one shot hitting the victim, Mr. Tillet in his foot. Though the police were on the street, they were more up and it was not possible for them to have been able to see the area where the shooting occurred. So we have made adjustment to be able to amend that situation.

According to Williams, one suspect has been detained in connection with the murder of 3 year old baby Etana Bennet. The police are now asking for the assistance of those with any further information that could assist in the investigation

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: We do have the suspect in respect to Mr. Tillet’s shooting in custody and we also have a suspect detained in respect to the child’s murder. But again having the suspect detained is not sufficient, we need to be able to have the relevant evidence to be able to effect arrest in respect of those matters and so we are working on those to see if we would be able to get persons who can come forward and tell us what they may have seen occurred on those two nights in question in respect of these incidents.

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