Police detain two men on firearm charges after vehicle chase

vlcsnap-2013-05-14-19h27m41s159Masks, firearms and ammos – that’s what three men tried to get rid of when Police set chase on their vehicle over the weekend. On Sunday, Corozal Police were on mobile patrol in the Dominguez layout area when they began to pursue a black pickup truck, carrying three men. During the chase, the men allegedly tossed out several objects out of the car. But soon, Police managed to stop the vehicle and the two passengers ran into some nearby bushes, leaving the driver and owner of the car inside. He was apprehended by Police and so was one of the men who initially ran away. vlcsnap-2013-05-14-19h30m02s32Meanwhile, a search of the area where the objects were allegedly thrown, led to the discovery of  a 9mm black Beretta pistol, 29 9mm rounds of ammo and a black ski mask. On Monday, Police visited the area again, with the two accused and found a 9mm browning pistol and 13 9mm live rounds of ammo. Police have the two men detained, one of whom is a Mexican national of Chetumal. We can’t release the names of the men at this moment, as they have not been officially charged. We understand that the other person, who got away, is also a Mexican national.

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