Police find grenade on Banak Street

It has been a while since police have recovered hand grenades from the streets of Belize City. They have been used in several terrifying incidents in recent years, including the attack on Mayflower Street in 2008, an incident on the day of the Carnival Road March a few months later, and an attack on the house of the Comptroller of Customs, Gregory Griffith. Over the weekend there was another found. We have more details from Senior Superintendent of Police Edward Broaster.

vlcsnap-2014-09-09-08h57m09s249Edward Broaster – Senior Superintendent of Police

“On Saturday we received intelligence of the possible location of a grenade. We quickly went to the area, where we searched an abandoned building on Banak Street, and we discovered a British A-one defensive grenade. We called in the bomb expert who came in and took control of the scene and carted away the grenade for safe disposal.

At this time, we will not disclose the investigation that we had carried out, prior to the intelligence that led us to the discovery of the hand grenade, nor will we disclose what was the intent for the use of the grenade.

But one thing we want to assure the public, that we’ve been saying all along, is that we have been working hard, we have been diligently as to ensure the safety of the community, and this is as a result of the hard work that we have been putting in place.”

Police did not have much more to add beyond confirming that they knew which gang was involved with the grenade, and what it had been planned to use for. But they continue their investigations, even though it is likely that no actual charges will be brought.

The Department said it wished to act in the interest of public safety by not raising undue alarm. What has not been confirmed is whether the grenade was part of the missing batch removed from the BATSUB compound more than ten years ago. Approximately 14 of those missing 23 grenades are still unaccounted for.

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