Police foil major planned robbery in Ladyville

Intelligence and timely intervention by Ladyville Police stopped plans for a major robbery expected to have taken place in the next two days in the village. The operation involved a hot pursuit by the Rural Rapid Response team of a dark Hyundai Santa Fe vehicle with no license plates. The Highway Patrol engaged the suspicious vehicle at about 10:05 last night while it was entering the Ladyville area through the Burrel Boom Junction. We hear more from Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, officer commanding Eastern Division Rural:


Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander, Rural Eastern Division: Our highway patrol, Rural Rapid Response engaged a vehicle that was coming into the Ladyville area via Burrell Boom junction and upon spotting our highway patrol it attempted to make its escape towards Sand Hill Village.  Our highway patrol pursued the vehicle and some minutes later a bag was thrown from the vehicle and our vlcsnap-7529-11-25-15h27m43s910highway patrol stopped and let one of our Rural Rapid Response team members where they discovered a Bob Marley, black and white bag which contained a submachine nine millimeter gun.  The vehicle managed to elude our highway patrol and the firearm was brought into the station and processed.  I want to explain that based on our See Something, Say Something, Stop Something and the District Defense Dome that we set up and because of the efforts of our Rural Rapid Response team, we were able to, based on the intelligence, avert a major burglary in the Ladyville area. I can safely tell you that we were able to foil a robbery that was planned to be committed in our area.  The objective of these perpetrators was to plant this submachine gun in a disclosed location in the Ladyville area last night where they would have come today or tomorrow to commit a major robbery in our area.  And due to the efforts and the cooperation that we’ve been having with our community and the efforts of our Rural Rapid Response team we were able to foil that plot.

Police could not say which business the suspects intended to rob and neither could they detain anyone but they say they know exactly who the players are and they hail from one of the Belize City gangs.

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