Police Give Detained Man Another Man’s Property

vlcsnap-2014-04-09-19h12m18s8725 year old Jermaine Jergenson, was sentenced to 2 years for theft.   This morning, he appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, after he was accused of stealing $500 in cash and 4 gold rings at a total of over two thousand dollars. These were stolen while Jergensen was being detained by police and he stole it from another person who was also being detained by cops this past Friday.

That other detainee had handed into police custody, his personal properties including $500 in cash and 4 gold rings.     Upon his release the following day, he went to collect his properties and discovered that the items had already been claimed by another man, identified as Jermaine Jergenson. In court this morning, Jergenson pleaded guilty to a single charge of theft.

In an explanation to the court as to why he took the property, he said, they were calling the man’s name over and over and no one answered and so he decided to answer to the name and receive the property.

Jergenson was looking at more years but since all the stolen properties were recovered, he was spared from more jail time.

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