Police guard Carl Lino at KHMH

On Wednesday we reported on a shooting incident in Belize City, but details were sketchy at the time of the report. On Thursday, police released information on the latest shooting incident.

At about 2:15 pm on Wednesday 12th November,  shots were fired on North Front Street. 28 year old  Andrew Tate of Belize City was shot to the back of his head, and was transported to KHMH.  Carl Lino was also shot to the leg.

Police say that Andrew Tate Was riding a bicycle on North Front Street towards the direction of Swing Bridge, when he was pursued by a lone gun man, who fired three shots at him, hitting him to the back of the head. The gunman then ran in the direction of Pinks Alley, where he was pursued by police foot patrol in the area and police shot Lino to the leg.

Carl Lino was taken to the KHMH by the police. 22 year old Carl Lino remains under guard at KHMH.

A point 38 special revolver that allegedly fell from Lino’s hand was retrieved by the police.  Andrew Tate is listed in a stable condition also at KHMH.

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