Police have new rules for treatment of witnesses

For more than 15 years police had been operating under the Judges’ Rules, a manual on conducting investigations and taking proper statements from witnesses. But many of these statements were not allowed into evidence as a result of alleged torture, coercion or other improper behaviour by police officers. In an attempt to reduce such instances and offer transparency to the public, a new set of rules were created by Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie and went into effect at the start of the year. We bring you that portion of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s statement at the opening of the Supreme Court in January concerning the new rules. Fast forward to Tuesday, where Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Southside Eastern Division, Chester Williams, told the press that police now have a greater responsibility which they welcome. vlcsnap-2016-03-03-10h51m59s292 vlcsnap-2016-03-03-10h51m54s467

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