Police hold closing ceremony for National Youth Cadet Corps Camp





Late on Friday the Police Department held a closing ceremony for the 16th annual National Youth Cadet Corps Camp, which this year was hosted by the Central Region in Belize City at Edward P. Yorke High School. Boys and girls between 8 and 17, a total of 251, participated in survival training, life skills and other courses as well as a sporting tournament. But the most important part of the camp experience is learning the discipline that will see many of these cadets become future Police and Defense Force officers. The Department gave special awards to cadets who excelled and the young man chosen Cadet of the Year is from Benque Viejo del Carmen, Ricky Cunil. Cunil’s special story involves his comeback from a broken foot that eventually revealed bone cancer. The Junior Instructor shared with us how the discipline of the Corps carries over into his life.

Ricky Cunil – Cadet of the Year:

vlcsnap-2013-08-06-09h19m01s192I was playing football when I got my foot fractured, and afterwards I was diagnosed with a tumor.  The discipline of the Corps itself has made me overcome obstacles, always stay positive, always keep doing the right thing, and always trying to do the best.



Another Cadet, Allana Barrillas from Toledo was given the Coordinator’s Award from Sergeant Elroy Carcamo and the Commissioner’s Award for active service to the organizers of the camp as the “right-hand woman” of its coordinators. Those who wish their sons and daughters to join the Corps can apply with the Police Department as all four divisional precincts in Belize City have branches. The recruitment drive is held every February and November of every year.

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