Police hunt for masked, armed man in Camalote area

A 43 year old Honduran Domestic of Camalote Village reported that on Tuesday December 15 while at the Belize River in the company of her son, she noticed a male person dressed in full black clothing wearing a mask covering his entire face except for his eyes. The woman told police that the masked man approached her and spoke in Spanish saying “If you run I will Kill You.” The man then took out what appeared to be a pistol from his right front pocket and asked her, “Where is the Black man you live with”. She was then ordered to walk into a short cut road that leads to the bushes where she complied fearing for her life.  He continued to speak in Spanish, warning her not to run or he would kill her. However, the woman says, she started to scream for help and managed to run making good her escape. Extensive searches in the area were conducted by Roaring Creek Police and also SPU officers however the culprit has not been located. Investigation continues.

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