Police investigate murder of man found in orchard

Police in the south are investigating the murder of 30 year old Jose Pedro Menjivar Murcia . Murcia was found in an orchard near miles 15 and 16 on the Southern Highway January 29th. He was unconscious at the time and it appeared that he was hit several times in the head with some blunt instrument. Murcia was hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but died days later on February 6. Police are still investigating the case and have so far discovered that on January 28, Murcia was out at Finas Bar socializing hanging out with friends when he realized that his bike had been stolen. Murcia then got into an argument with another man at the bar but left while the other man stayed at the bar. Police found him the next morning thrown in the orchard. Police say they have questioned the man Murcia got into an argument with at the bar that Thursday night but have no evidence to link him to the crime even though they could confirm that the suspect has previous criminal charges which include striking a man in the head with a bottle in December.

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