Police investigate stabbing incident in Placencia

The festivities in Placencia over the Easter holiday attracted over five thousand visitors to the peninsula. Unfortunately, with such an abundance of people, incidences of violence often times seem inevitable. And over the weekend, a stabbing incident took place in front of the Tipsy Tuna Bar. Authorities say they are doing their best investigating the matter, but with the victim not wanting to cooperate with police, it has been a bit difficult. Plus News was in Placencia and spoke to Inspector Mark Flowers.

Inspector Mark Flowers:
vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h33m44s64There was a stabbing incident involving a person who we know from Belize City, and a resident from Placencia Peninsula, who is originally from Belize City himself but who has come to live at the peninsula.
We haven’t had a formal report from the victim as yet.  We understand it was a serious stabbing.  The person is not in any life-threatening state, I was told.
Ourinvestigation has indicated that he knows his assailant, and the assailant knows him. {There are] other facts that we know about the case, but the matter is still under investigation.  We will, I hope, [soon] have one of the persons involved, who is from Placencia, picked up.  He’s been identified.

Beside the stabbing and other minor fights, Inspector Flowers says there weren’t many reported crimes. He says it is because the sub-formation stepped up their security forces.

Inspector Mark Flowers:
There were three other minor fights that the Police were able to intervene and break up quickly.
We had a lot of support.  We had the Coast Guard.  We had the Special Patrol Unit.  We had the Mobile Interdiction Unit. We had Independence Police and Placencia Police combined.  We certainly had planned for a safe weekend for everyone.  So it is rather unfortunate that this incident did occur.  I am saying, thank God that it wasn’t worse. But for the most part, it was really safe.  It was really good.  There was no theft, no robberies, no burglaries, no incident that the Police could not deal with readily.

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