Police investigate sudden death of young mother after childbirth

A woman from Billy White Village in the Cayo district is dead, after a piece of placenta was left in her after childbirth.

On January 5th, 25-year-old Norma Noemi Marroquin was taken to the Spanish Lookout clinic where she gave birth. She was dismissed and sent home with her new born, but 6 days later Norma began experiencing severe abdominal pains.

Her common-law husband took her to the San Ignacio Community Hospital, and she was then sent to the Western Regional Hospital where a doctor reportedly told the husband that his wife was in serious condition, as a piece of placenta was left inside his wife after she had given birth.

She was then transferred to the KHMH for surgery, but the infection was very severe, and the following day Norma died.

Her 24 year old common law husband, Arson Moh, filed a police report asking for investigation into the death of the mother of his newborn, since she was healthy prior to childbirth.

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