Police investigate vehicle theft in Belmopan

Last week, Melanie Coc, an employee of Puma Energy, Belize reported to Police that while driving on the Hummingbird Highway in the vicinity of Armenia Village, gunmen approached her and took away her brand new Isuzu D Max. Then Last Week thursday there was an attempted vehicle theft in Belmopan itself. A well know Businessman who lives in the Nargusta extension area of Belmpan was held at gun point at their home on thursday night 7th January, 2016 . It appears that the men approached the businessman as he arrived at his home and parked. According to a family member, luckily the guys couldn’t figure out how to start the truck so they gave up and ran away on foot. We spoke to Inspector Stephanie Grinage who confirmed the incidents. Residents are asked to remain vigilant in the protection of their home and property.vlcsnap-2016-01-12-19h17m50s736

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