Police investigating taped conversation with Mark Pollard’s family members

Jose Espat has been investigating the disappearance of Mark Pollard. Pollard went missing back in July of last year when he went on his morning jog. Police have been investigating the matter as well, but according to Espat, he has given the police a piece of evidence that they should be following. That piece of evidence is the recording of a woman, a relative of the Pollards, speaking to a family member asking for the key to a property. The caller said, to the person receiving the call, and we quote, “…you cannot handle none of those properties. That’s why Mark get killed, over those property, okay. That’s all I am saying to you, okay.”  We understand that the disputed property have been willed to Mark Pollard’s children and based on the call, the other family member is trying to get access to the property. Espat and Mark Pollard’s son told the press yesterday that the police have not acted on the evidence of the tape and the woman has now left the country. Today, police was asked about the tape and if they have conducted any investigation into it.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB

We are aware of that recording as he as was rightly mentioned. The police have already dealt with that recording and so far I know that the police has been assisting that family every time they request the police has been there with them. I know that this week Tuesday police had the information that there might be some remains at 17 miles at one of their properties so the police went to that area and checked a well where they said the body was. However it proved to be negative. I know that the police has been up and down following it. Reference to those recordings, the female person that is being questioned, I know that she was spoken to one time by Sergeant  Novelo who is in charge of Precinct 2 here in regards to that very same allegations on that occasion there and in regards to the remains that was found inside of it too. It was she that initially brought that information to us and she did miss disseminated information to the other family members. Hence the reason we went to the cemetery and broke the tomb to verify and show them that there was no remains in that tomb as they were saying.

It was suggested that the woman whose voice is on the recording may have special police protection because of her work with police. ASP Cowo responded.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB

What is being said is that she is above the law and that nothing can be done to her. I do not see where they are getting that from. Any person that comes into the police’s hand and is being dealt with in regards to a crime, they are fully investigated. Not because you might be a friend to the police department or a family member that means you are going to get special treatment. This person whose name is being called, she has been here in Belize for three or four consecutive years, bringing stuff for underprivileged families and she uses the community police section of the Police Department to distribute items that she brings to the needy family of South Side. So the community policing unit they go around with her and distribute the items that she brings for different people. Dr Jose Espat has mentioned that he sent information to me. Yes indeed, I have received that information from him. However, what he has sent to me are photographs of those donations being given out ot several people where several of those officers are a part of that entourage when they are delivering items. That does not mean that the Police Department is covering anything, or have to do anything directly with the person that is being questioned. At this time we cannot tell you if it has any connection or not. The Investigation still continues. And also, several family members have been interviewed and at no time have they mentioned to the investigators that they that they felt that they were being threatened by the other Family member. It is until now that the recording is coming out that a person has been alleging that the person has been threatening them; Apart from the recording.

Reporter Question: But the person has specific knowledge of Murder…

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB:  Yes!

Reporter Question:  Isn’t that something serious?

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB:  Yeah of course that is why we are following that. Likewise there are text messages that Mr Espat sent to me however he has sent this text messages to me last week Friday and the person in question had departed the country on Thursday.

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