Police link firearm to recent incidents; search for minor arsonist

There is news from Ladyville Police tonight. We start with a firearm found when the late Lionel Rhamdas and others ambushed a group of men at the Lozano residence on Marage Road in Ladyville two weeks ago this Saturday. Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural, ACP Edward Broaster now says that firearm was apparently used in the killings of 18 year old Merkel Pitts on April 7, and 31 year old Lloyd Robateau on May 3. He tells us more:

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural): Well you are right in saying that the violence in Ladyville is connected in one circle. As a matter of fact, the results we got back from the firearms examiner reveals that the shells we found at the scene of Merkel Pitts, at the scene of Lloyd Banks and at the scene of the Lozanos all came from the same firearm. I believe that we may just have that firearm in our possession; either one of the two firearms that we have recovered after that last shooting with Lionel Rhamdas.vlcsnap-2016-05-27-10h26m51s301

Reporter: In terms of connecting persons to that particular firearm, how is that going?

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural): That is the difficult task for investigators because we have to identify those persons who were the shooters in those murders, in those instances. So while if we are lucky we have the firearm, we still have to try and identify who is it that pulled the trigger and that is going to be somewhat real tedious for us.

Reporter: Do you feel that you all have been able to find a way to get that certain violence within that circle contained?

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural): Well so far yes. I mentioned that we have had covert and overt operations in the area. The other day, we snagged the individuals we believe may have wanted to go and do something in the area. We didn’t find no gun even though we followed the path they took when they fled from the police. We even brought in the K9 dogs to search the area and we didn’t find any firearm to substantiate the suspicion that we believe that they were up to no good. But nevertheless that is an indication that we are in the area and we are keeping our eyes and ears peeled. We have set patrols in the area, we cannot per say provide protection for a specific family. Nonetheless we are providing security for the entire residence of that area. And like I said, we have covert and overt operations in the area to ward off any escalation of violence in the area.

Meanwhile,  a minor from Ladyville is accused of setting two vehicles on fire for no apparent reason.  Police say the boy is a 13 year old and has confessed to the crimes.  The minor will not be charged as yet because while in custody at the station, he gave the officers the “slip” and escaped. ACP Edward Broaster is hopeful the minor will be recaptured soon before he causes anymore needless damage to other vehicles.

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural): We arrested a juvenile, he was no more than thirteen yearsvlcsnap-2016-05-27-10h26m30s511 old, who has confessed to the burning of two vehicles for no apparent reasons. Unfortunately last night or I should say early this morning when he asked for a bathroom break, he forced himself through an opening of the window and made good his escape. So we are now searching for him and that matter we will be dealing with.

Reporter: When did you guys find out about the burning of these vehicles and this young man?

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural): Well we had two reports of residents in the Ladyville area waking up to their vehicles on fire and through our investigation and through our See Something Say Something, Stop Something Campaign, we got information as to an individual who may be of interest to us. Yesterday he was caught and he confessed to the burning of two vehicles and like I said, he escaped, but we will have him in custody pretty soon.

Reporter: Is he from Ladyville?

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural): Yes, it is just out of mischief and he is a resident of Ladyville


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