Police looking for Adalberto Castellanos for obtaining property by deception and impersonating a Police Officer

A Belizean mechanic of Corozal Town reported that on the 4th July of this year, he met a Hispanic male person who identified himself as a police officer and gave his name as Adalberto Castellanos.  Castellanos offered to facilitate the mechanic in getting a gun license and so the mechanic handed Castellanos $150 after being promised a receipt in a couple of days.  True to his word,  Castellanos returned to the mechanic’s home and gave him an envelope said to contain the receipt. Castellanos told the mechanic all he had to do was  take the envelope to Belmopan and hand it over to the ‘BOSS’ and he would get his gun license.  A couple days after the transaction, the mechanic opened the envelope and noticed that it was a receipt with no signature and a payment voucher. After finishing inspecting the receipt he noticed that it was not genuine. Despite his attempts to contact the male person said to be Adalberto Castellanos, he got no response. Police say they are looking for Adalberto Castellanos for the crime of obtaining property by deception and impersonating a Police Officer. Corozal Police say they believe that the Corozal mechanic  is not the only victim and there are other victims in Corozal and Orange Walk District. The public is asked to contact the nearest Police Station if this individual is seen.

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