Police Looking for BGYEA President?

On Friday evening the interim injunction ordered against BGYEA executives and Sam Patton to legally refrain them from planting corn on the buffer zone of Harmonyville was lifted based on a technicality.

The interim injunction, expired on Friday, June 13th and the Senior Crown Council Nigel Hawk, who represents the Government, did not file an application to extend the injunction.

In a press release issued today the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture stated that despite the expiration of the interim injunction the government is still at liberty to apply for another injunction.

Nigel Petillo, President of BGYEA , called into Rise and Shine saying that he understands police are looking for him.

vlcsnap-2014-06-16-19h06m35s135Nigel Petillo- President of BGYEA

“We are sad on the moment that from Friday night, police have been visiting my house from Saturday wanting to serve us with some documents”.

According to Petillo, he was still in Belize City when he heard that police were looking for him.

He then contacted his wife in Belmopan and told her to take their kids to their relatives in Roaring Creek.

Nigel Petillo: “So, she did that, went home; after taking the kids back home she made sure that everything is safe.  Upon doing that, she realized that the backdoor was on the ground, and that is because we have screen door outside before the backdoor.  So, you would have to knock the screen door to knock the backdoor, and so, the bolt doors, the screen doors were open and the backdoor was on the ground were open the back door”. 

The following morning, on Saturday, June 14th, Police went back to Petillo’s home in Belmopan

Nigel Petillo: “So, early Saturday morning they visited my house when I wasn’t at home.  So, my wife  called, telling me, police are outside looking for me and she then told them that I am not there and see them Monday when I am back in Belmopan”. 

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources the substantive claim for Trespass by way of Fixed Date Claim is scheduled to be heard on June 30th, 2014. In an interview with KREM today, BGYEA’s Attorney Audrey Matura Shepherd said that Government needs to stop harassing her client.

vlcsnap-2014-06-16-05h43m57s164Audrey Matura Shepherd- Attorney for BGYEA

“Of course I expect the government to be malicious and to seek anything possible, as many injunctions as they want, but no matter how much injunctions they seek.  At the end of the day, the law will prevail.  The court will be utilized to deal with this matter, and I just ask that they stop harassing my client.  I understand that there is a Fixed date Claim being served; that is what the press release said.  We were in court on Friday and interestingly, nobody came and served it on me.  I understand that the police went to serve it on my client.  That is a violation, it is illegal and unethical.  The Office of the Solicitor General knows that once a person has an attorney, from office to office, we exchange documents; the simply need to serve it in my office, I will receive it and I will document whatever we receive. The government is at liberty to bring as many cases as they want against anyone; we will go to court and defend it”.

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