Police make arrests in Burrell Boom home invasion

On Friday 4th December, there was a home invasion at the Honorary Consul to Lebanon in Burrell Boom Village, Belize District.   One of the workers at the residence reported that they were held up at gunpoint by eight individuals of dark complexion with their faces covered. One of the workers was tied up and another sexually assaulted as the culprits proceeded to rob the residence of guns, an assortment of jewelry, liquors and over $12,000 in cash.  The masked intruders then fled in a silver Mercedes Benz with consular license plates which was later found abandoned in Belize City on Saint Joseph Street.  According to Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural, the culprits had done reconnaissance on the property.


Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural: The aggravated burglary that occurred on Wednesday around 11am, our patrol intercepted 2 individuals, Meighn Grinage and Adrian Aviloy and they had stopped them and vlcsnap-3769-02-02-02h01m37s808interviewed them and searched them and they headed back to Belize City. Later on in that day we learned that they came back into the Ladieville area and our patrol through the intelligence gathered, searched the Ladievielle area for them and did not find them. On Thursday, around 6:30pm due to the “See something, Say something, Stop something’ campaign that we are mounting in our area, our police intercepted a black Honda Accord, which had in 2 suspects that were arrested in this incident claiming that their vehicle was overheating and they were repairing it. Nevertheless they we questioned, the vehicle was checked and searched and they were released. When we received an information again because of our “See something, Say something, Stop something’ campaign. Our rural rapid response went it to the area of Burrel Boom and met with some of the residents in that area and checked in the area. And a call was placed to the caretakers wife where we now learn that she was under derest when she told us that she was at church. Apparently she was being held at gun point at that time to make that statement.  

Sr. Supt. Broaster stated that one unmasked culprit gained access to the premises; after which the others were free to enter.  This is how hevlcsnap-4005-08-10-23h11m27s984 and his colleagues explained it.


Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural: All I can tell you is the fact that through the investigation conducted we learned that surveillance was being conducted on this premises and that is how they were able to execute the aggravated burglary that they did. As a matter of fact when they first entered the compound they were un masked.

Police Officer 1: At some point when they entered the compound, they held up the caretaker and his wife at gun point. They done proceeded to retrieve some tools at which point they broke into the house. They damaged the front door and then they proceeded to ransack the entire building. They cut through the metal vlcsnap-3188-06-12-10h02m04s639safes. They were there for a couple hours and they stole the items that were mentioned.

Reporter: And during that time the sexual assault happened as well?

Police Officer 1: At some point during the time that they were there the sexual assault occurred.

Police Officer 2: I would also like to mention that they made off with the DVR, with the brain of the surveillance equipment, they made off with that particular apparatus

vlcsnap-9799-03-31-10h19m59s077This afternoon around 2:00 p.m. the group of nine:  Tyrone Meighan, Brandon Baptist,  John, Sheldon and Jerson Grinage; Randolph Coleman; Kamisha Cacho  and Crystal Augustine  were escorted under heavy guard into court to be read their charges by Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith.  All accused pleaded not guilty to their charges: Tyrone Meighan for rape of the watchman’s wife, aged 45; Meighan and his fellow male accused for conspiracy to commit rape; and all six male accused for aggravated burglary of the residence of Sarkis Abou-Nehra.   Allegations are that Tyrone Meighan, Brandon Baptist, John Jerson and Sheldon Grinage along with Randolph Coleman and others not yet arrested,
entered as trespassers the dwelling home of Sarkis Bou Nehra, Lebanon Honorary Consul vlcsnap-2762-11-16-23h24m54s072home, with intent to steal while armed with a weapon of offense.  Meighan, Baptist, the Grinages, and Randolph Coleman were additionally charged with theft of  a Mercedez brand car with Diplomatic vlcsnap-6430-10-23-04h49m03s425license plate, property of Sarkis Abou Nehra.  Meanwhile the
three women, Kamisha Cacho, Ashanti Roaches and Crystal Augustine along with Brandon Baptist, Sheldon , John and Jerson Grinage, as well as Randolph Coleman were jointly charged with one count of handling stolen goods as they were found vlcsnap-7290-07-20-11h34m17s377in possession of an assortment of items stolen from the residence. As it relates to the men and their alleged firearm charges, no bail could be granted to them due to the nature of the offenses so they were all remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until January 14, 2016, as were the women.  There were heavy objections to bail for all, including the women, on the basis of potential interference and ongoing investigation.   In court, only Crystal Augustine was represented by attorney, Anthony Sylvester. As the group was being walked into court by members of the Strike Team and Gang Suppression Unit, Tyrone Meighan, while handcuffed, punched  Court reporter Roy Davis off the verandah and down the stairs, causing him to hit his
head. Additionally, the press was not allowed inside the courtroom by police, causing the Chief Magistrate to issue an apology as she did not order an in camera hearing.   In an interview, Shelly Meighan, Tyrone Meighan’s mother said her son has an alibi as he was at home at the time of the home invasion.

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