Police make drug busts

Police made several drug busts over the weekend that lead to the arrest of several individuals.

At around 6:30 pm on Saturday November 1st, Police conducted a search at the residence of Patricia Grant located at Kings Park, Belize City. The search lead to the discovery of 81.6 grams of cannabis.

As a result the following persons, present at the time of the search, were arrested and charged for drug trafficking: Tariq Grant, Steve Lucas, Jason Gentle, Cleveland Lopez, Arthur Smith, Patricia Grant, Aaron Cruz, Michael Graham, and Austin Grant.


















28 year old Jennifer Therese Soto was charged for possession of controlled drugs after police searched her vehicle.

vlcsnap-2014-11-04-05h45m41s222On Thursday October 30th at about 2:30 pm, San Ignacio Police were on mobile patrol, when their attention was drawn to a grey Jeep Cherokee parked in front of a restaurant in Santa Elena. The vehicle was impounded and taken to the station, along with the occupants of the vehicle.

A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of a transparent plastic bag containing a hard substance suspected to be crack cocaine.

As a result Jennifer Soto, 28 year old resident of St. Matthew’s Village, Cayo, was arrested and charged for the offence of possession of controlled drug with intent to supply.

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