Police making Progress in 16 YEAR OLD’S Murder

On Friday night just before 8 o’clock witnesses say armed men entered a  home in Camalote village and opened fire, killing 16 year old Ivan vlcsnap-2015-11-23-13h00m36s181Choc. Choc was at his home on Young Bank Road having supper with his parents and siblings. The men were heard entering the yard and when the father opened the door to see who it was, the men put a gun to his head and entered. Police say they ransacked the house before shooting Ivan, who had only been released from hospital 2 weeks before for gunshot wounds, said to be caused by the same individuals. The family vlcsnap-2015-11-23-13h00m50s36claims that during Ivan’s last breath drawn at the family home, he named his shooter. They said that the men were still outside at that time and immediately tried to re-enter the house but the family pushed back against the door. the men then shot twice at the house, hitting the veranda, before making good their escape. On Tuesday, Belmopan police picked up  Justin Banner of Camalote and Russell Hyde Junior of Belmopan. They were arrested and charged for possession of ammunition.. According to police they are preparing to charge 2 individuals for the murder of Choc. One of the persons remanded under ammunition charge and another individual. PlusNews will keep you posted on the investigation.

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