Police Meet and Greet Residents of Belmopan

Belmopan Police dedicated four hours of their busy schedules last week Saturday November 8th to visit residents of Maya Mopan, Las Flores, San Martin, Picini and Roaring Creek in a meet and greet session where approximately a 100 homes were visited. Plus News spoke to Superintendant Gillett Officer Commanding Belmopan Police who told us that the initiative saw very positive feedback.


vlcsnap-2014-11-13-06h36m37s137Superintendant Howell Gillett – Officer Commanding Belmopan Police

“What we discovered, there were two generic comments or suggestions coming out of those interactions, and those were: People asking for more police presence in the area; and the other one was, there were some people who raised the concern that they prefer to text in information to the Station, that are not urgent information, to a number at the station. 

The people have spoken on those, and we will listen to them.  We are smart enough to listen to the public. 

So what will happen, as a matter of fact, as of next week we will have a police officer assigned to the Las Flores Community Center.  We have gotten word from that community, that it’s OK for us to use one of their rooms from the Community Center, as a Precinct.  That officer will be there on a daily basis.

Then we will reinstate the police officer, who was once at the clinic near to the UB gymnasium, here in Belmopan.  So that will allay some of the concerns that were raised in that regard.  But that’s just a temporary fix.

So we will develop a strategic plan, as to how to deal with the gang situation, that is now developing in the Las Flores area.”


In response to some of the suggestions of the people during the meet and greet session, Superintendant Gillett says police will be establishing a cellular phone hot-line where people can text-in to give anonymous tips, concerns or suggestions. The number will be shared with the public as soon as it becomes available.

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