Police offer advice after assault and robbery

We’ve heard numerous stories of assault and robbery that have taken place on the walkway leading to the market, across the street from the Belmopan Comprehensive High School. Many residents avoid traveling on the walkway and so there is not much traffic in the area. This makes it all the more dangerous and a 24 year old Taiwanese student found that out when he was mugged at gunpoint last night. The student told Police that he was walking on the sidewalk sometime after 8 o’clock, when a masked man came out of nearby bushes and pointed a firearm at him, demanding money. A struggle reportedly ensued between them, when a woman and another man, both wearing masks, jumped in, held down the student and robbed him of his belongings. The woman then allegedly pulled out a knife and they got into a scuffle. Police say the student received scratches to the back of his head and throat. Afterwards, the culprits took off with his Black Berry Phone, driver’s license, social security card and $150.00. In light of this incident, the Police Department advises students to be extra careful, especially when walking alone at night, but urge them to walk in groups instead and stay away from dark or overgrown areas.

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