Police officer charged for extortion

A police officer attached to the San Pedro Police Station was arrested and charged over the weekend, for the crime of extortion.

According to reports, sometime last week, Police Constable John Arana told a businessman in San Pedro that instead of going to court over bills owed to a supermarket, he could pay him to have all this matter cleared out. The businessman alleged he gave PC Arana 2 two hundred dollar bills.

On Friday December 12th.,  when PC Arana returned for the balance on $1000, the business man reportedly told him that he did not have the full money, but that he could give him what he had. The business man then allegedly handed an envelope to Arana which contained ten $50 dollars which he had placed the marking C C on the left corner of each 50 dollar bill. He had also photocopied each one of them. John Arana allegedly took out the money from the envelop and put it inside his pocket and left.

At around 11:40 that same morning police intercepted PC John Arana as he was coming out of a bar, and arrested him for extortion.

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