Police Officer charged for murder of detained prisoner

PC Constable David Griffith was charged on Friday for the shooting death of Rasheed Elijio, an incident that occurred on May 10th last year.

On Tuesday May 7th  earlier that same week, 18 year old Rasheed Elijio was picked up by Police in Punta Gorda, and arraigned at the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s court on May 9th , for the offence of carnal knowledge against a 15 year old minor.

19 year old Brian Garcia, who faced similar charges of carnal knowledge against a 14 year old minor, was also arraigned on the same day.

Both men were placed on remand and arrangements were made to have the men transported to Kolbe Foundation.

vlcsnap-2014-09-26-18h46m36s117A little after 5 o’clock the following morning, May 10th, a prison officer and a police officer attached to the PG police station escorted Rasheed Elijio, Brian Gracia and another prisoner, Lino Ical, who was convicted for drug trafficking.

However as the men were boarding a James Bus line enroute to Kolbe Foundation, Rasheed Elijio and Brian Gracia, both remanded for carnal knowledge, escaped custody.

At around 8:25 that same morning, PC Constable David Griffith, reportedly, made a call to the PG police station informing them that Rasheed Elijio had been shot and killed in the process of recapturing him. A lot of questions were raised as to the use of deadly force to capture two handcuffed men, unarmed and not considered dangerous.

On Friday, PC Constable David Griffith, formerly attached to the PG Police station, was served a single count of man slaughter. PC Constable David Griffith was also named in the killing of Teddy Murillo in 2010.

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