A Police Officer, attached to the San Ignacio formation, along with three other men were detained on Saturday with over 24 pounds of Marijuana. According to reports, Police intercepted a white vehicle between Santa Cruz and San Antonio, Corozal that was suspected to be trafficking drugs. Upon police interception, two of the men were able to escape on foot including the driver and another passenger. Three other men were left behind, and they were detained by police officers.  Investigator Wilfredo Ferrufino tells us more

Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigation Branch: On June 2nd sometime around 12:40 p.m., there was a joint operation by customs, BDF, and police from Orange Walk. They had received information that there was a vehicle in the Santa Cruz area, a white vehicle, suspected to have illegal drugs. As a result, an operation was launched, and the vehicle was intercepted somewhere between Santa Cruz and San Antonio. Upon the officers intercepting the vehicle, the driver and one of the occupants fled, leaving 3 

other occupants in the vehicle. Those 3 were detained. The vehicle was searched, and 6 parcels of suspected marijuana was retrieved from that vehicle. It amounted to 10,653 grams, or 24.4 pounds of marijuana. Those persons, whose names are Harvey Trapp, a 25 year-old of Santa Elena; Windell Trapp, a 27 year-old of Esperanza; David Trapp, a carpenter of Esperanza Village, were detained shortly after, somewhere out of San Antonio Village, the 4th individual who had fled the vehicle was detained. That individual was identified as Braiden Robateau, a 22 year-old police officer attached to the San Ignacio formation. All 4 individuals were detained, and they have been charged for drug trafficking

The detained officer is expected to face internal disciplinary actions.

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