Police Officer grazed by bullet during scuffle with armed robber

An officer was grazed by a bullet during a scuffle with an armed robber. On Saturday, sometime around 12:30am, two masked men, one armed with a hand gun, entered the Hong Kong Restaurant on Belize Corozal Road. Both men approached the owner of the restaurant and demanded her to handover money. She then gave them nine hundred dollars. An officer, who was in the restaurant at the time, was hit by the armed robber with the gun. The cop snatched the weapon and that was when the two got into a scuffle. The gun went off and the cop was grazed by a single bullet. The cop was able to keep his grip on the assailant’s jacket, but he managed to get out of his jacket and ran off.  Witnesses say he dashed toward the restaurant’s glass door, breaking the door. The other robber had already made good his escape. Meanwhile, the cop received only minor injuries. Police are investigating.

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