Police Officer gunned down in Roaring Creek

What was supposed to be a routine trip turned fatal for a Police Officer last night, after he fell into the trap of four gunmen. 36 year old PC 380, Bertchel vlcsnap-2013-04-03-20h13m51s89Eyon Ramirez, assigned to the Belmopan formation, was gunned down when he went to pickup his girlfriend in Roaring Creek. From what we understand, PC Ramirez, who lived in Belmopan, would regularly pickup his girlfriend from her family’s residence after he comes off work, and take her to their home in Belmopan. So after getting off an extra duty shift from The Mall Shopping center in Belmopan, as he usually does, he drove to Roaring Creek yesterday, but the officer would not make it out of the village alive. Plus News spoke to his girlfriend’s father Lazaro Valencia today, who was at the residence when Ramirez was shot, shortly after 11pm.

Lazaro Valencia:
vlcsnap-2013-04-03-20h23m40s75That fella wa do it.  Pass here with a vehicle two different times, and see the boy park here.  They musta gone and park with they vehicle so, about which I don’t know.  And they come. Set up one fi fire shot.  He did two shot, then my son-in-law went and addressed the person, and he right there.  And the three person wa walk in, three of them run up into the car, fe see if the person dead, completely dead.  Then three take to the back of the houses there.  Then one went up the road. Right away we say the person die in my daughter hand, because he lift up he head, and he call the name.  All what I do, I put my hand pon he chest, and I tell ah, God will be with you my boy. Who do you this?  No got foot fi run, because I may catch they.  And right there I start cry.  

Ramirez received gunshot wounds to his leg, shoulder and head. Police also recovered from the crime scene, a nine millimeter expended shell and a magazine containing some live rounds. Valencia told us that Ramirez was a fun-loving person, who isn’t known to have conflicts, and so he doesn’t know why someone would want his son-in-law dead.

Lazaro Valencia:
Why they have to kill such a man?  Man who do nobody nothing. Man cooperate we di farm laborer.  That the thing wa hurt me.   They kill him fi nothing.  That a serious attack, man.  Set up poor man fi kill, for what? Nobody don’t know fi what.

However, Assistant Superintendent Sinquest Martinez told us that preliminarily Police investigation has revealed a possible motive.

Sinquest Martinez – Assistant Superintendent:
vlcsnap-2013-04-03-20h26m40s72Yes, we have found a motive.  It’s horrendous, cause we kill for nothing.   He want to look for his friend. As far as we know, the suspect and my officer are not friends, but apparently  the friend that he went to see had two children for one of the suspects.   

Ramirez was found by Police in the driver’s seat of his car, slouched over the right side. Martinez says that they have two of the suspected gunmen in custody and they are seeking two more. Meanwhile, charges are expected to be levied on the suspects presently detained. But when we spoke to Valencia, he complained that there was a delay in the police response, something he says, is quite customary in the village.

Lazaro Valencia:
vlcsnap-2013-04-03-20h25m15s230Only thing what hurt me, when I call the Police, over 25 minutes almost half an hour before they reach. If they di come instant, and run the people they, where they figure  more or less do the act.  But they no do that.  They just come there and chase out the people from the block, from around the area, then tape it.  This morning I show them what part more or less the boy start shoot. When we gone there we find a shell.  The Policeman say this is a 25 shell. And they find 9mm shell too.  

vlcsnap-2013-04-03-20h26m58s253But when we asked Superintendent Martinez if there is any truth to this; he argued that that’s only hearsay and that in fact, the Police responded quickly and that the first suspect was apprehended within half an hour and the other by 4:30 this morning. We also note that when we visited the Police Station today, the girlfriend of Bertchel Ramirez was also being detained for questioning. She isn’t a suspect, but Police say they are only covering all areas of their investigation. Bertchel Ramirez served in Belmopan for some seven years.

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