Police open day as part of Police week

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Police week is being observed and as part of the activities, police formations across the nation held open days today to highlight the services offered by the police department. In Belmopan, the police took their showcase to the Belmopan Public Service day. We spoke to Officer Jaime Gonzales who told us more. vlcsnap-00134

Jaime Gonzalez, Mobile Interdiction Team: As you can see today we have a booth display here at Compre High school. We partnered along with public service because we are both celebrating public service week and it’s also police week. As part of our calendar of events we have scheduled today anvlcsnap-00132 open day. Hence we saw it fit to come in partnership with public service to contribute to making the event much bigger and thus creating more awareness to the general public. We have different units. As you can see we have the domestic violence unit, signals from the specialized branch from MIT. The COPP program. We have traffic and other units from in the department. To my right there is the crime scenes unit and also major crimes unit. Basically we’re here to create awareness in terms of preventing crime to persons coming into the station and how to make a report and the follow up that comes thereafter. Also, one of the purpose of being here is that we’re trying to strengthen the ties with the community and we want to thank those who have contributed to the reduction of crimes in this area and we are asking likewise for others to come on board and make out area a safe one.

We also spoke to some of the representatives of the different units in the police department. Mobile Interdiction Team Cpl, Jamin Casanova told us about their work.vlcsnap-00135

Jamin Cassanova, Mobile Interdiction Team: Basically the Mobile Interdiction Team as you may see, my co-worker is educating the public as to what we do, as to what we should do, is to combat the national and transnational organized crime to apprehend and prosecute organized criminals and conduct patrols and checkpoints along our highways that’s what we do. What we have been encountering on the busses is drugs, cannabis. People vlcsnap-00138would jump on these public busses and carry with them. When they see the checkpoints they would leave the drugs on the bus and we would usually just confiscate it from them. On the bus we’d encounter immigrants as well from other countries that come into our country illegally through rivers or sometimes what we would call by some people escorting them.

The work of A-Tips also falls under the Human Services Department and Immigration Department.

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